Expert engineering by engineering experts

At Victoria Production Engineering we have a highly skilled and motivated workforce capable of providing exceptional standards of quality, precision and reliability.


Whilst there are no boundaries to our abilities and capabilities and we welcome enquiries from any potential customer, we currently specialise in three major industry sectors, where our reputation for consistency, fast response, dependability and competitive costs has made us a supplier of choice for some of the world’s leading names in civil and military equipment manufacturing.

We are happy to accommodate any order regardless of component size and complexity and we offer reliable and repeatable processing for both small and large batches.

Among the innumerable successes of the Group are specialist engineering projects for such landmark aircraft as the Panavia Tornado,Typhoon-Eurofighter, Hawk,Fokker F100, SEPECAT Jaguar, Airbus A320, A330,A340,A380 and A400M,Boeing 717 and Augusta Westland. The Hyde Group has also been involved in engineering precision components for space satellites, Jaguar Land Rover and more recently, nuclear technology.



For many years we have been an important supply partner to Joy Mining, one of the mining industry’s most senior producers of technical equipment. Our main contribution is the manufacture of precision valve assemblies for underground hydraulic roof supports that are in use throughout the world.



As a major production engineering support service to the world’s top military and civil aircraft builders, we are responsible for producing a range of critical components that are used in production of the Typhoon-Eurofighter, Tornado, Hawk, Augusta Westland plus Airbus and Boeing civil aircraft. We also manufacture significant parts for missile systems.

Aircraft on Ground (AOG)


We provide the fast-response 24/7 manufacturing capabilities that are necessary to ensure urgently required components, parts and spares can be custom-engineered and delivered to any point on the globe. The flexibility of our workforce, plus an effectively managed supply chain ensures that customer’s needs are efficiently and speedily satisfied through a single point of contact.

A full service engineering facility


In addition to all our in-house skills and services, we also offer a wide range of other vital engineering services, such as heat treatment and finishing provided by trusted and fully approved sub contract companies.